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I’m passionate about management.
I’m not kidding - I literally took a degree in it. During my time studying Management Engineering at the University of Waterloo I interned as a software engineer at 4 different companies, from fast growing startups to tech giants like Apple and Uber.
I have had excellent managers, but the demands of their jobs limited the time they could devote to optimising their teams. They had to support an army of engineers without the time or tools needed to understand what was going on in the scrums.
I started CodeGem to bring managers and engineers together.
- Stephanie Mills



It started as a passion project.
Or more accurately, it started as a problem. Engineering managers are responsible for a lot more than just management. Keeping an up to date picture of all of their team members activities is an impossible task. Most managers have to rely on periodic 1:1s, surveys, or progress updates to try to understand and assess their team. The information is limited and subjective, making problems more difficult to spot, decisions more subjective, and recognition less targeted. As a result, productivity can drop, teams disconnect, and engineers feel disengaged.
That’s why we created CodeGem.

Concept 5K Winner

In 2019 it all started when we pitched and won at the Concept 5K pitch competition at the University of Waterloo

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